Recreation in the Robiniapark region

Hiking and biking Robiniapark itself is an oasis of peace, but also an exellent base camp to explore the hilly green rural areas. Walking and hiking tours as well as mountainbike routes are available at:

Wine Locally you can taste wine in the cellar of the Turul Pince in the center of Szólád; or even more authentic: in one of the beautiful cellars of one of the inhabitants of the village, by invitation. The steep road out of the centre of the village towards Robiniapark is surrounded bij tens of wine cellars filled with local quality wine. The festival near the cellars is the acme of the annual village days. Especially the cooking contest and the final fireworks show enjoy an international reputation.


Swimming and water sports Cooling down and water sports in and on the Hungarian inner sea: the southern part of lake Balaton consists of almost 80 kilometers of beaches and harbours. The nearest beach to Robiniapark is located in Balatonszárszó with public beaches with every service needed. Only a few hundred metres to the west you can find small quiet beaches away from the masses. The shallow southern shores are sandy, ideal for children. There is a lot of sailing on the lake; from individual recreation till internationally participated competitions. There are plenty spas in the region, Héviz on the western shores being the best-known. From a more recent date is the Igal spa: (GPS: 46.54204, 17.94350). In Balatonfüred you can find a real aquapark: Annagora Aquapark és Wellnesspark: (GPS: 46.947672, 17.872417).


Horseriding There are several adresses for horse lovers: the region is very suited for making tours through the sloping hilly countryside. Small groups can make trips by coach completed with an exellent meal with the best local wine: an experience worth writing home about. More information at the Cseh Lovarda in the neigbouring village Teleki, Rákóczi u. 60. Tel.: +36 84 367743 (GPS: 46.76903, 17.82741).

Fishing and hunting West of Szólád there is a large fishing lake. In the beautiful hinterland of the neighbouring village Nagycsepely you can find a famous hunting lodge (GPS: 46.73930, 17.81598). A few hundred meters before this house is a huge fishing lake, beautifully surrounded bij hills and forests. (GPS: 46.73615, 17.81894).

City trips A trip of 120 kilometers, but worth more than it: visiting the most beautiful city of Central Europe: Budapest. The area aroud the two Danube banks with its rich history, the bridges across the river, the allees, the coffee-houses and the passageways: everything is appealing to the grandeur of far off-days.

The capital of the southwestern region Pécs was the culturele capital of Europe in 2010:  (GPS: 46.07674, 18.22798).

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