Welcome at the bookingsystem of Robiniapark.

Booking directly with Robiniapark means:

  • Best price guarantee
  • No booking fee, no reservation fee, no administration fee
  • House of your choice-warranty
  • Receiving detailed information prior to your holiday
  • Deposit transaction by bank, no need to take an extra amount of cash on your trip

In the left field you can choose your type of stay, the duration and your preferred period. Underneath you book a four-, six-, eight- or ten person house. After that you can add your other preferations. Between july fifth and august 23 you can only book weeks with an arrival on saturday, the rest of the year it is possible to arrive on monday till saturday, with a minimum stay of three nights.

On the right side the available houses appear. Click the read-more-link for more information regarding the house. Underneath you can find the field with periods and a link for booking. After that you are leaded towards the part where you can choose options like a swimming-pool, towels etc. and confirm your booking.

The rental price varies from € 435/week (four person house) in the periods prior to the public holidays till € 1080/week (ten person house) in holiday periods.


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