Holiday houses: comfort, environment and craftmanship

The houses in Robiniapark are built with an eye for comfort, environment and insulation. So the interior climate is comfortable even during the warmest days. In the colder periods there is the luxury of under floor heating. Every house has its own individual furnishings, luxury kitchen, two bathrooms, at least one bedroom with its own balcony and solid wood furniture.

Souterrain-houses: on the sloping western edge of Robinia park, with a view of Lake Balaton, there are villas with a lower floor. The lower sections of these houses are largely built into the ground. The bedrooms are located there: cool in the summer, easy to heat in the winter. The lower floor has a terrace door to the lower garden.

Vakantiehuis Robiniapark Vakantiehuis Robiniapark vakantiehuis robiniapark

8 person homes: at the southeastern edge there are eight person villas with a clear view of the fields, vineyards and forests. Two bathrooms, at least four bedrooms and a huge garden.

Vakantiehuis Robiniapark Vakantiehuis 15 Vakantiehuis 11

6 person homes: not far from the central square 6 person houses are being built. These villas have a large livingroom, semi-open kitchen, one bathroom and three bedrooms.

vakantiehuis Vakantiehuis D type vakantiehuis D-type

10 person homes: these extra-large houses are being built on the southern border of the site. Five bedrooms, two bathrooms and a lot of space around the house for groups till 10 persons.

Vakantiehuis Robiniapark 21



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