Vakantiehuis 8 Paardrijden in de omgeving

Robiniapark  Robiniapark is a small scale holiday park at the edge of Szólád in midwest Hungary. The park, a Dutch initiative, is located about 300 metres from the centre of the village. Because it is located on a hill bordering the fields, vineyards and forests, it appears to be a considerable distance from civilization. The natural character of the property has been left as intact as possible.

Location Szólád is located approx. 110 km to the west of Budapest, with its own exit off of the M7 motorway. Lake Balaton is located five kilometres to the north. This lake, with a length of 70 kilometres is very suited to swimming, surfing, sailing, etc. There are many recreation options around the lake.

Park and villas Robiniapark has been set up for seekers of peace, nature and for wine lovers (Szólád is located in a wine producing region). The surrounding area is hilly and green. The six hectare property has an elevation climb of about 8 metres. The various villas are located on parcels of at least 850 m². Because Robiniapark wishes to guarantee the peace of the homeowners and guests, the number of facilities is limited.



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